Wk 3 – Artist Conversation – Alvaro A.S.F.

Exhibition Information

Artist: Alvaro A.S.F.

Exhibition: A Response to Classical Music

Media: Filmmaking, Painting, Sculpture

Gallery: CSULB School of Art

Website: In process

Email: arturo830@gmail.com

About the Artist


Raised in Guatemala, Arturo A.S.F. (right) began his artistic journey early. Everyday drawings resulted in inspiration. Inspiration became creativity, and creativity into art. Then art into an obsession. His migration to the U.S. fueled his love for art all the way to CSULB where he is currently attending his second year as a transfer student. He is enrolled in the Bachelor of fine arts, while still choosing his primary interests between filmmaking, painting, or studio. Once he has finished the program he wants to receive a teaching credential so that he may teach young children about art. And during my interview with him, he felt that he has a story to tell. And according to Alvaro, “I wanted to do art because I felt that life placed me here and I needed it.”

Formal Analysis


A mix of painting and sculpture consisted of Alvaro’s piece, “A Response to Classical Music.” The piece had two parts: Media (video) and sculpture (Black and white canvas). The media part was developed to provide “proof”, according to Alvaro or visual of how the painting or sculpture was created. And from the result of the piece, he utilized a black canvas and “transformed” himself int0 a paintbrush. By using parts of his body dipped in paint and “responding” to Beethoven’s “Overture Fidelio” resulted in the abstract mass in the image above. The abstract shape symbolized the emptiness of the mind, but the movement of the body. It looked like paint simply splattered on a canvas but his use of media or video proof gave the piece a deeper sense by providing an image of his creativity in action.

Content Analysis

Letting himself fall into a trance of different sounds was his primary goal. Throughout the whole seven minutes of the Overture, all that Alvaro wanted was his body responding to the music without thoughts and emotions. I did not understand his meaning at first because all I perceived was two pieces of canvas on the floor. To clear the fog in my mind he pointed to me the video that accompanied the canvas sculptures on the floor. After the video I was able to visualize the process on how we wanted his piece to look like.


The simultaneous and spontaneous movement really related with his personality and how he likes to stay in the “now.” In other words, Alvaro enjoys pondering about what’s going to happen now rather than later in the future. And his piece depicted that perfectly. His addition of the wire on the black canvas was great because, in my opinion, it visualized his body in motion. But according to him it was just for dynamic purpose or a “pop-up.” Also the blank white canvas was a surprise because he only planned on creating the black canvas in the beginning but the application of the white canvas was a great contrast.


Synthesis/My Experience

Overall, I enjoyed my first art exhibit. I loved drawing growing up and even considered Bachelor of Fine Arts as one of my interests coming into Long Beach, but seeing how much the love for art can expand even more is incredible. I really enjoyed the vibe that the whole gallery had and I loved seeing us, the students, wanting to learn more about art and what it means to different people. The artists, most especially, had a more broad sense of what art is for them. For Alvaro it is expressing a story he wants to tell, and for others it is much more unique. To me however, it is clear that my ideas and point of view might contrast someone else’s, but as long as it’s art, I can argue forever what the painting means. After having the conversation with Alvaro and how I told him my parents did not want me to go into art because of future financial reasons, I was encouraged. I was encouraged because he wanted me to express art through my own major, which is accounting. I don’t know how but I will try. This is another experience of how art is everywhere and I cannot wait for more.


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