Wk5 – Art Experience – Graffiti Writing

All I can say is that I have never spray painted before. I’ve practiced lettering and typography throughout high school and attended many art classes even out of school when I was younger. Graffiti did not come to mind until I met some friends who actually participated in it, illegally. Therefore, I said no to graffiti writing because I did not consider it as art until high school when I saw murals on the walls of downtown Los Angeles. Luckily I knew lettering and I was able to produce a bubble font of my name for my very first graffiti writing.


My experience was rebellious because I felt like I was participating in something illegal, which I was not. I was painting in my backyard on a cardboard box and luckily there was one. Primarily I wanted something that was very bright and had similar colors to my favorite drink, Sprite. But once I began to spray the bright yellow it did not show well on the brown cardboard and that was one of my struggles. So I recoated the yellow part over and over.


When I began outlining the yellow paint, that was when I started to become comfortable with the spray paint. I felt more control and was able to measure how near and how much pressure I need to put in order for the paint to not have different shades. I really enjoyed this experience and I would recommend it to other people that have not tried it. It is definitely something that I see myself improving on and be able to write more than just letters and hopefully draw something.


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