Wk 6 – Artist Conversation – Blaine Scot Prow

Exhibition Information

Artist: Blain Scot Prow

Exhibition: Extrusions

Media: Design & Sculpture

Gallery: CSULB School of Art

Website: In progress (Instagram: @tiffuts)

Email: N/A

About the Artist

Blain is a senior is CSULB. He is currently studying under the Bachelor of Fine Arts with focus on Studio Art and Graphic Design. As he was talking to the group he mentioned how it was challenging to get into graphic design because of its GPA requirement of 3.2 and above. However he managed to stay on his feet and not let the work catch him. His hard work channels through his work and in my opinion seemed challenging to accomplish. By channeling his obsession of geometry he was able to create “Extrusions.”


Formal Analysis


“… Sort of like crossing dimensions,” according to Blain when we were questioning him about his thought process when making his sculptures. He could not assign a genre to this so he thought it was a mix of sculpture and 2D design. As mentioned in the beginning his childhood adoration for geometry played a significant role in creating these figures. He claimed that the way he decided on doing this was through an accident. He was just playing with shapes one day and there it was. His experimentation resulted in the use of cut out pieces of paper from 2D and creating 3D shape out of it through different mathematical calculations and his technique on cutting the individual sides and angles of the shape.

Content Analysis

His presentation seemed simple and basic at first, but the more he is questioned the more meaning came out of him and his artwork.


In this picture (above) he explained to the group the process of making a 2D drawing in to a 3D sculpture or shape. He added on that there were a lot of trial and error when creating more complex shapes such as this one compared to creating a cube since he only had to create a cross shape and fold the sides the proper way. For this one he stated that there were times where he would assume that the shape is forming, but then at the last minute, since he miscalculated an angle the shape did not pop out right as he wanted to. “There was a lot of math… trial and error…”, according to Blain. And the point of having one side of the paper attached to the flat paper is associating the two dimensions together so the viewer can witness how the transformation occurred.


Then he mentioned that the lighting in the room was purposeful. It gave the sculptures more depth and brought different angles on the shadows that added an extra detail. In my opinion the lighting helped significantly because it immersed the audience in to moment when he brought two dimensions together and see it unfold, no pun intended. Also he wanted to add on that he chose the color black and white just for simplicity and that adding colors to the paper would bring a different atmosphere.

Synthesis / My Experience

Honestly, I would not think that a simple grade school project would end up in the School of Art Galleries. In other words, it is great how artists can improve on one thing and make it into something else that no one else would ever think of. And Blain did a great job on that. I liked that he included that he found this by accident then all of the sudden began developing angles in order to make simple drawings into pop-up sculptures. It was also very pleasant to view something that is not so complex that it threw me in different directions. Sometimes I think simplicity is just the key.


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