Wk6 – Art Experience -Zines & Flip Books

Creating my own zine was amusing. I did not have an idea about how I was going to start it or what type of content should I install, but once I did my research everything went smooth and according to plan. My Zine has a total of five pages that consist of things that will hopefully make someone’s life “AMAZINE!”



I figured since Zines consists of clever and unique titles, I began mine with a pun. My goal was to make it relatable not only to certain subcultures but to regular genre of individuals as well. On the other hand, I based the contents in my Zine towards what makes my everyday shine just a little bit brighter. So I began with something that makes my life less blurry and allows me to appreciate each and everyday with a smile; my glasses.


The love and hate relationship that I have with my glasses is unfortunately what makes my life better. Also some students wear glasses (corrective or casual) even though they do not need it so I thought they must get pleasure out of it anyway. And there are those individuals who need glasses but somehow cannot get access to one. So maybe this message would help them similar to how my pair help me.


Photographs are the most memorable, emotional, and amazing ways we communicate. So I could not leave this behind. Also we all have different ways to utilize pictures and it is unique to every individual. So just sound off how does pictures make your life more amazing.


Of course I cannot forget about my favorite past time and why my money disappears. Everybody loves shoes! It definitely makes me a lot happier to have a fresh new kicks to start of a school year, hanging out with my peers, or heading to a fancy, romantic date. Which is also why you need multiple pairs, but that is just me. My parents claim I have an addiction, but that is just me.


This is probably my favorite part of the Zine because I had a blast making this page and socializing is one of the best exercises that anybody can participate in. In addition, communication itself is one of the reasons why we even have the energy to get up every morning and go through with our day.

Overall, I enjoyed creating my very own Zine. It was like having a blank canvas and being able draw, paint, and write all over it. However, I would not be able to think of an idea if I did not do my research. This type of media should be accessible to different age groups  because it is a creative outlet for artists that just want their voice to be heard. In addition, it is sort of a modern magazine type of feel to it and people will actually want to read it.


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