Wk9 – Artist Conversation – Carmin Correa

Exhibition Information

Artist: Carmin Correa

Exhibition: A Beach in Symmetry, a Breach in Symmetry

Media: Sculpture

Gallery: CSULB School of Art

Website: N/A

Email: N/A

About the Artist

Carmin Correa is on her last year at CSULB, finishing with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture. She is not planning on going to graduate school right after she graduates because she wanted to have time to be able to improve and add on to her skills set. Then she added that if she was going to graduate school, she wanted to go to a research school
(i.e. UC Berkley). As she goes on her final goal is to be a fabricator. In other words she wants to professionally sculpt as a job or 3D modeling. Through that she wanted her sculptures and designs to be displayed somewhere else.

Formal Analysis

Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to capture Ms. Correa’s artwork because I assume that all of the sculptures was hers. So hopefully, in detail, I will be able to portray her sculptures, with the use of my imagination and yours.

The First sculpture that she mentioned that was hers was a sugar piece. Basically, it was three levels of three by three slabs, that were about three inches thick stacked on top of each other. The whole sculpture itself, without her explaining it, was surprisingly made out of real sugar. I even asked her if it was edible she said yes, but it would not be safe or good for your health. In addition she also explained how she made it. She utilized a silicon mold in order to create the shape added cast hard sugar into the mold, which took about one hour per slab. She added that it was a very rigorous process and involved her sitting in a room smelling sugar the whole time.

Second was an imitation of a confession box at a Roman Catholic Church. It was basically the size of a shed that had a partition in the middle to create two rooms: one for the priest and one for the individual participating in the confession. Walking in I realized that it was a confession room because I am also Roman Catholic like Carmin. So she explained to the other students that the purpose of that room is for individuals to repent their sins to the priest and in result will rid them of their sins. The whole process can be very anxious since a person is basically reciting their sins to a priest and it can be very scary at times, I would know.

However what Carmin did was she added stuffed animals and other encouraging objects for an individual that would make them feel more comfortable about the process, according to her. Where the window usually is for the individual to speak to the priest, was open and one can see inside where the priest usually is and that room is covered by toys and stuffed animals.

Content Analysis

The Sugar piece was actually a symbol for Carmin’s struggle with Type II diabetes. According to Carmin, her family has inherited this disease through many different generations of Filipinos, even way back where the Spanish colonized the Philippines. To her this piece meant a lot. The duration of time that she waited in order to finish each slab took one hour and her being stuck in a room enduring the smell of sugar. Therefore, she utilized the process as a way of her training her brain to dislike sugar or not be attracted to sweets because her senses have had enough of it.

She sculpted the confession room to represent the context of a confession to her. To me confession was a two step process: Intensity of repenting my sins and then the relief of having my sins forgiven. On the other hand she thinks that confession has different forms. In other words, it does not require a priest in order to have a confession, according to Carmin. That there are different types of confessions, whether it be venting to your friends and family, or laughing or crying about it.

My Experience

Carmin Correa was a joy to have a conversation with. I was disappointed at the same time, however, because I was able to capture all the other artists’ work except for hers, which is an odd coincident. Anyway, the students were able to relate with Carmin so easily, including myself. Although she was not allowed to talk about the other art works except for hers, I would say that I was very happy that she was the one there. It was nice to speak with a fellow catholic and share stories about what is confession for her and me.



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