Wk10 – Artist Experience – Fiber Art Social Network


When we were all inside the faculty office, it felt nice to finally be able to see my actual classmates, not just a stranger that I see interviewing someone for an artist conversation. For some reason, despite how crowded it was, I felt delighted to a part of the activity because we were all communicating and helping each other out. Even I was able to share a laugh with different individuals that I did not know was in our class. Although I am sounding very lonely, I did have a few chords attached to my photo, which I was very proud of.

Looking at it a social media level, I cannot imagine myself being friends with all of them. Not because I am picky which friends I want, it’s just the fact that how can one manage so many friends at the same time. In addition, a majority of them do not share the same likes and interests. For example, on facebook, I have probably five-hundred friends, which for some people is not a lot, but to me feels like a whole country. In my opinion, it is quality over quantity. In other words, I would rather have a few friends and mostly family because of how much closer you can get to them, how much better my relationships be with them compared to juggling five-hundred “friends.”


This is the type of social network I am more accustomed to. I only drew a few but I do have more social ties so please do not assume these are the only individuals I know. But to summarize what I said, I do prefer having mostly family then a few close friends.


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