Wk11- Artist Conversation – Lia

Exhibition Information

Artist: Lia

Exhibition: BFA Sculpture Group Show

Media: Sculpture

Gallery: CSULB School of Art

Website: N/A

Email: N/A

About the Artist

Lia, a first semester transfer student, has already made her foot print in the BFA sculpture show. She started her studies from Miracosta Community College where she studied studio art. From studio art, according to Lia, is where she found her passion for sculpting. From that she began exploring her potential for sculpting. Coming from a traditional latin family, her parents did not encourage her to continue on with college. However, her interest in sculpting drove her to Long Beach where she continued her sculptures. In addition, her fascination regarding her ancestors in Guam inspired her piece that I am going to go over.

Formal Analysis


From first impression I thought this piece had great craftsmanship. The colors complemented each other and the details on the box brings a pre-colonization feel to it, which Lia was really aiming for. Her idea for the tool box came from her digital fabrication class. The tools were mostly 3D printed in one of her classes as well. The tools are 3D printed as a whole and she just added in a thick rope or twine so she can tie the pieces together to mimic ancient pre-colonized objects.


This piece is part of her whole exhibiton. With the help of 3D printing and computer software, she was able to reproduce this piece of seven-foot rock from Guam and resized it into a handheld sculpture. She was also telling me how fascinating it is to be able to do these things with technology and it contributed to her success.

Content Analysis


Her interest in pre-colonized age played a heavy role in creating the whole tool box set. Lia even claimed that she was thankful that she got that time to take a trip to Guam and visit the ancient ruins that were still there, which was what her piece was based solely on. When she was exploring the ruins and caves, there were a lot of carvings and objects that were found in it. So she took one, brought it home, and the development for her project began. She also claimed that there were tools that were withered down over time that she took pictures of and then rebuilt it utilizing the software available and that created the tools.

My Experience

Speaking with Lia was a pleasant experience because she was very down to earth and was interested about her ancestors. She even said that finding those artifacts and antique, aged tools was like getting a gift from her ancestors and it is definitely something she will never forget. This led me to be thankful about my ancestors as well and the sacrifice that they did to put me everyone else in this position that I am in now.



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