Wk14 – Classmate Conversation – Evan Burton


There are those moments where you realize that one of your classmates from last semester is also in one of your classes in this semester and you wonder if he or she remembers or even recognizes you. Well I had that moment and no he did not recognize me, but I thought it was a good chance to make a new friend!

Evan Burton (left) and I were in the same activity class last semester for communication. And in that class, each individual shared a little bit about themselves and it was a perfect time to see how his goals and aspirations have changed within a semester. He just started his sophomore year in CSULB as an Economics major. I wondered if that was his first choice, but it was actually international studies. From just having a conversation I got the impression that he is quite outgoing. In fact he told me that he used to participate in Parkour, which is really cool! In addition Evan and his peers enjoy spending time together and going to parties.

As for our question of the week, Evan thought that our apparel will change similar to the the “hobo” style from the movie “Zoolander.” Oddly enough I agree because one musician, Kanye West, is currently setting the trend on that type of ripped, raggedy, worn type of clothing line. In addition he assumed that fashion is getting worse. Another important aspect that we jokingly added was that tuition will hopefully decrease.

From how things are playing out, I am afraid of 2036. Not just because of college, it is also because there are so many aspects that affect college, specifically higher education. Hopefully I will not be concerned with how people are going to dress. On the other hand I feel like the world is getting colder and there is not much light that we can hold on to.


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