Wk6 – Art Experience -Zines & Flip Books

Creating my own zine was amusing. I did not have an idea about how I was going to start it or what type of content should I install, but once I did my research everything went smooth and according to plan. My Zine has a total of five pages that consist of things that will hopefully make someone’s life “AMAZINE!”



I figured since Zines consists of clever and unique titles, I began mine with a pun. My goal was to make it relatable not only to certain subcultures but to regular genre of individuals as well. On the other hand, I based the contents in my Zine towards what makes my everyday shine just a little bit brighter. So I began with something that makes my life less blurry and allows me to appreciate each and everyday with a smile; my glasses.


The love and hate relationship that I have with my glasses is unfortunately what makes my life better. Also some students wear glasses (corrective or casual) even though they do not need it so I thought they must get pleasure out of it anyway. And there are those individuals who need glasses but somehow cannot get access to one. So maybe this message would help them similar to how my pair help me.


Photographs are the most memorable, emotional, and amazing ways we communicate. So I could not leave this behind. Also we all have different ways to utilize pictures and it is unique to every individual. So just sound off how does pictures make your life more amazing.


Of course I cannot forget about my favorite past time and why my money disappears. Everybody loves shoes! It definitely makes me a lot happier to have a fresh new kicks to start of a school year, hanging out with my peers, or heading to a fancy, romantic date. Which is also why you need multiple pairs, but that is just me. My parents claim I have an addiction, but that is just me.


This is probably my favorite part of the Zine because I had a blast making this page and socializing is one of the best exercises that anybody can participate in. In addition, communication itself is one of the reasons why we even have the energy to get up every morning and go through with our day.

Overall, I enjoyed creating my very own Zine. It was like having a blank canvas and being able draw, paint, and write all over it. However, I would not be able to think of an idea if I did not do my research. This type of media should be accessible to different age groups  because it is a creative outlet for artists that just want their voice to be heard. In addition, it is sort of a modern magazine type of feel to it and people will actually want to read it.


Wk5 – Art Experience – Graffiti Writing

All I can say is that I have never spray painted before. I’ve practiced lettering and typography throughout high school and attended many art classes even out of school when I was younger. Graffiti did not come to mind until I met some friends who actually participated in it, illegally. Therefore, I said no to graffiti writing because I did not consider it as art until high school when I saw murals on the walls of downtown Los Angeles. Luckily I knew lettering and I was able to produce a bubble font of my name for my very first graffiti writing.


My experience was rebellious because I felt like I was participating in something illegal, which I was not. I was painting in my backyard on a cardboard box and luckily there was one. Primarily I wanted something that was very bright and had similar colors to my favorite drink, Sprite. But once I began to spray the bright yellow it did not show well on the brown cardboard and that was one of my struggles. So I recoated the yellow part over and over.


When I began outlining the yellow paint, that was when I started to become comfortable with the spray paint. I felt more control and was able to measure how near and how much pressure I need to put in order for the paint to not have different shades. I really enjoyed this experience and I would recommend it to other people that have not tried it. It is definitely something that I see myself improving on and be able to write more than just letters and hopefully draw something.

Wk5 – Artist Conversation -Ralph Acosta

Exhibition Information

Artist: Ralph Acosta


Media: Video, Film, and Typography

Gallery: CSULB School of Art

Website/Social: Ralph Acosta (Facebook)

Email: N/A

About the Artist


Ralph Acosta is a graduate student in CSULB. He actually graduated twenty years ago with a General Studio Art degree. Then he went into branding in San Diego. During his stay there he specialized in typography. However, he was not satisfied and returned to school and now he working on his Master of Fine Arts Degree, which also why he decided to install this piece in order to fill a requirement.

Formal Analysis


Growing up near LAX, Ralph was in awe and intrigued every time he would see a plane up in the sky. In fact he would convince his family to go to the airport just to witness it depart and arrive over and over. Earlier then, according to Ralph, he was able to go down the runway where the planes are and see people arrive and he would greet them. He grew so much more passionate about the planes that he himself told our class that he would get “nerdy” when he brings them up. As he grew older, unfortunately, the world became more dangerous. Security became more strict, but his curiosity grew even more. After he told us the story he actually realized that LAX is one of the worst airports now because of how bland it has become and that it needs an update. And that is where he got the inspiration from. Ralph wanted to revamp the airport and install new, vibrant signage and video skits in order to revitalize what he experienced as a young child.

Content Analysis

His passion and drive comes from his love of the airport and airplanes. And when he was speaking to our group, I could hear how excited and stoked he was while he was presenting his ideas and how it could change the atmosphere of LAX.


One way of transforming LAX was through changes in the signage. He wanted to develop a special type of font by implementing experience in typography. Therefore he worked with Andrew Byrum, whom, according to Ralph, was a very well known artist, and they worked on the letters for the new signs. This collaboration actually took one year to finish. By utilizing a seraph font and altering it through the addition of some features related to an airport, I must say that whole year was worth every hour.  The blue color of the font actually represents the ocean and he chose orange because he thought it was universal, as in more individuals can agree to it. In addition to that, he claimed, and I agree as well, that it does add a retro vibe to the whole project. And this retro vibe is I believe something he took from his childhood.

The second way of transforming the airport is through the use of a flight tracker. Ralph’s version of a flight tracker, which is called “OBSERVA”, lets passengers track, list, view, and display flight all in one app. Another feature of the app that I admired the most was category that lets the individual see the type of plane, what type of engine does it have, and other technical parts. I admired it simply because he channeled his childhood and transformed it into something useful so other children may experience the excitement that he had.


Synthesis/My Experience

All the artist I have interviewed were inspiring. Inspiring is the only word that can describe the love, thought, and hard work they put in when creating their installations. In addition I noticed that the artists that I have interviewed so far were middle aged. To me that means that it is never too late to seek something that resonates in your heart, and Ralph Acosta is no exception to that group. Meeting him made me want to explore more and even open my horizons just a little bit so I can also get a glimpse of the things that make my heart resonate. And his translation of his childhood to a professional (in my opinion) piece that can be sold and hopefully be displayed, is mind blowing. It felt like he was just playing with a toy the whole time and had his young-self imbedded in him still.



Wk 3 – Artist Conversation – Alvaro A.S.F.

Exhibition Information

Artist: Alvaro A.S.F.

Exhibition: A Response to Classical Music

Media: Filmmaking, Painting, Sculpture

Gallery: CSULB School of Art

Website: In process

Email: arturo830@gmail.com

About the Artist


Raised in Guatemala, Arturo A.S.F. (right) began his artistic journey early. Everyday drawings resulted in inspiration. Inspiration became creativity, and creativity into art. Then art into an obsession. His migration to the U.S. fueled his love for art all the way to CSULB where he is currently attending his second year as a transfer student. He is enrolled in the Bachelor of fine arts, while still choosing his primary interests between filmmaking, painting, or studio. Once he has finished the program he wants to receive a teaching credential so that he may teach young children about art. And during my interview with him, he felt that he has a story to tell. And according to Alvaro, “I wanted to do art because I felt that life placed me here and I needed it.”

Formal Analysis


A mix of painting and sculpture consisted of Alvaro’s piece, “A Response to Classical Music.” The piece had two parts: Media (video) and sculpture (Black and white canvas). The media part was developed to provide “proof”, according to Alvaro or visual of how the painting or sculpture was created. And from the result of the piece, he utilized a black canvas and “transformed” himself int0 a paintbrush. By using parts of his body dipped in paint and “responding” to Beethoven’s “Overture Fidelio” resulted in the abstract mass in the image above. The abstract shape symbolized the emptiness of the mind, but the movement of the body. It looked like paint simply splattered on a canvas but his use of media or video proof gave the piece a deeper sense by providing an image of his creativity in action.

Content Analysis

Letting himself fall into a trance of different sounds was his primary goal. Throughout the whole seven minutes of the Overture, all that Alvaro wanted was his body responding to the music without thoughts and emotions. I did not understand his meaning at first because all I perceived was two pieces of canvas on the floor. To clear the fog in my mind he pointed to me the video that accompanied the canvas sculptures on the floor. After the video I was able to visualize the process on how we wanted his piece to look like.


The simultaneous and spontaneous movement really related with his personality and how he likes to stay in the “now.” In other words, Alvaro enjoys pondering about what’s going to happen now rather than later in the future. And his piece depicted that perfectly. His addition of the wire on the black canvas was great because, in my opinion, it visualized his body in motion. But according to him it was just for dynamic purpose or a “pop-up.” Also the blank white canvas was a surprise because he only planned on creating the black canvas in the beginning but the application of the white canvas was a great contrast.


Synthesis/My Experience

Overall, I enjoyed my first art exhibit. I loved drawing growing up and even considered Bachelor of Fine Arts as one of my interests coming into Long Beach, but seeing how much the love for art can expand even more is incredible. I really enjoyed the vibe that the whole gallery had and I loved seeing us, the students, wanting to learn more about art and what it means to different people. The artists, most especially, had a more broad sense of what art is for them. For Alvaro it is expressing a story he wants to tell, and for others it is much more unique. To me however, it is clear that my ideas and point of view might contrast someone else’s, but as long as it’s art, I can argue forever what the painting means. After having the conversation with Alvaro and how I told him my parents did not want me to go into art because of future financial reasons, I was encouraged. I was encouraged because he wanted me to express art through my own major, which is accounting. I don’t know how but I will try. This is another experience of how art is everywhere and I cannot wait for more.

Classmate Conversation


Week number two means another new friend! Allison Cruz(left) is a third year Art major at CSULB. In class today we were asked to discuss if art is significant? Or why do we need it? Straight out she said that ‘Life would be boring without it.’ I agree, because in my opinion, art is utilized in almost everything whether it be constructing a building, making new clothing, or directing a new movie. At the same time we agreed that if there was no art then how would people be able to express themselves? Then we got into a conversation about how art is also used as a gateway for creativity. And from that itself is where inventions begin and it just links into an endless cycle of how art has such a gigantic impact in our daily lives and we do not even notice it.

Landscapes with a Corpse


Contemplating about the way I could depart was one of the most disturbing experiences ever. I searched for famous, mysterious deaths that happened whether it be murders, suicides, or accidents in movies and in real life. However, there were so many ideas that it was difficult to funnel it down. Then I finally thought of the shower scene from the movie Psycho! I thought it was perfect since I have a bath tub and chocolate syrup, which was the reason I decided to put the photo in grayscale. Creating the whole scene was more difficult than I thought since I had to put so much syrup where my head rested. Taking the chocolate syrup off after was no fun either.

Overall, I enjoyed the project. Despite plotting my own demise, I still had fun creating the whole scene. This project also made me excited for future projects.

Classmate Conversation

20160824_141456_1472073331596Meet my new friend Damante(right). Damante is a second year, studio art major in CSULB. He grew up in Compton then moved to Long Beach and found that media, specifically music, was one of his main interests. However, when he got accepted to our school there were no majors that suited his specificity so he chose studio art. Growing up he played football and basketball, like me!… Well the basketball part. Overall he is a really welcoming guy that I would wanna get to know more and hopefully play basketball with!